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First Blog Post!

Here we go, the first of hopefully many to come. Over the next few weeks/months/years I will get into more CF/fitness/health related topics but for now I will introduce myself.

I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have an older brother who lives in Iowa, while my parents still live in SF. As a kid I have always been drawn to sports and outdoors. When I was younger I remember going camping and fishing with my family and grandparents the majority of the weeks in the summer months up until sports like baseball and football prevented me from it. I continued playing sports in high school and through college, but was always drawn towards the weight room. I originally went into college thinking I would be a PT, until it was my time to do some shadowing. I had a great person to follow who knew me from my high school injury days, so he knew me on a personal level and was honest with me. He informed me that PT was most likely not for me (I think my grades would have informed me of this later on anyway) but to look into going the rout of Strength and Conditioning. After graduating with a degree in Biology, I went on to grad school down in Texas, where I was the Grad Assistant for Strength and Conditioning Dept. I got lucky again, and the head S&C coach became one of my best friends, and he taught me everything he knew about running a successful program. After my time was up in Texas, I went back to where I got my undergrad and volunteered as a strength coach for a while as I was looking for full-time opportunities. This lasted a while until early that next year when I got a job working in the Houston Astros's Minor League system as a strength coach for a season - until I soon realized how unstable the job security is with professional sports. After this I became a personal trainer for a little over a year up until I found CrossFit. I went north into Minnesota and worked as the head coach at a successful CrossFit gym called EHP Crossfit for three years where I met a lot of awesome people (including my now fiance) and learned a lot about what it takes to run and operate a CrossFit gym. Fast forward to about exactly one year ago today, we took a leap of faith and moved down here not knowing what the future would hold for us, Tasha was already hired as a RN while I had been hired as the head coach for Get Salty. And a little over 11 moths later I can say I am living a dream of mine and I own Get Salty!

Next Blog post will be about why I was drawn to CrossFit and what it has taught me about both life and fitness.

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